Our society doesn’t work very well.   (But, see current Social Technology site — it could be much much worse because of new software.)

The underlying mechanisms of law, government and education date from the 19th century or before and are not suitable for the modern world.

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The world still has war, poverty, crime and much other forms of human misery.  None of that should exist.  Even our antiquated but still current social mechanisms could help, but we lack the means to put such social technology in place where it is most needed.

Even in the rich nations of the developed world there is much unhappiness.  The new social media may do more harm than good.  They are often criticized for decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio in society.  They may do worse than that.  Facebook and other social networking sites encourage people to acquire many weak connections with what are loosely called friends — connections which may be at Level 1 or worse. What people need are a few strong connections, Level 3 or above.

This site is about improving our social tools and techniques and applying them properly, to make everyone’s social environment better.

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